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Annual Fashion Show – Fashion Panorama


As a part of the curriculum, students of the Fashion Design Department present their exclusive and original creations in front of a large audience and doyens of the industry. The fashion show serves as a powerful platform for the designers to showcase their work in front of eminent personalities, press and potential clientele. A show strung together by the students and faculty, along with professional technicians and models, forms a well-knit unit. GSPS's Fashion Panorama marks the culmination of an entire year's replete of hard work of the students and faculty. With an intention to gain recognition for deserving talent, the show exhibits the grit and commitment in the staff and students required that put up a grand show.


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 Celebrity designers invited to present their philosophies for fashion department: 

Ms. Priyadarshani Rao,
Mr. Rahul Mehta (president of CMAI),
Mr. Asad Fakih,
Ms. Kiran Jaisinghani,
Ms. Kanishka Ramchandani,
Mr. James Ferreira,
Mr. Karan Berry,
Ms. Bhamini Subramanium,
Mr. Dinesh Singhal
Mr. Vikram Phadnis… and list gets more
and more comprehensive each year.


 Annual Seminar and Exhibition- Genesis 


A Design Fest organized by Garodia School of Professional Studies to congregate professionals from the industry and our budding designers. The exhibition houses their academic work, displayed innovatively. Stalwarts from the field of Architecture / Interior Design and Fashion Design are invited to talk about their philosophies of design.

Students and faculties from various design colleges form a part of the audience and visitors. This activity fosters constructive interaction amongst GSPS students and the visitors along with critical feedback, which gives them insight into the demands of their profession.



  Eminent architects and designers invited to present their philosophies for interior department:  

Ar. Niteen Parulekar
Ar. Kamal Malik,
Ar. Reza Kabul,
Ar. Prem Nath,
Ar. Ravi Sarangan,
Ar. Sanjay Puri & Nina Puri,
Ar. Zubin Zainudin,
Ar. Ninad Tipnis,
Ar. Milind Pai,
Ar. Rahul Gore,
Ar. Mujib Ahmed & Lalita Tharani,
Ar. Kunal Edvakar,
Mr. Rakesh Jeswani..............and many more


 Study Tours 


Study tours are an important part of Curriculum. It helps student to relate and convert theoretical knowledge into practicality, at GSPS every year we organize such educational trips for our disciples where they undergo for 7 to 8 days camp & do on site measured drawings, Visual analysis of exterior and built environment, Materials, construction methods and submit the reports in compiled form of drawings, scripts, photographs, sketches etc. it helps them to understand the industrial work environment.